What Makes Dubai One of the Best Shopping Destinations in the World?

What Makes Dubai One of the Best Shopping Destinations in the World?Dubai is referred to as a “shopping paradise” as it offers shoppers with a wide range of cheap products. Spices, gold, electrical appliances, designer clothing and Arabian culture products are some of the items packed in the souks and malls. Here is a highlight of the best places and reasons that make Dubai stand out from other shopping destinations in the world.


These traditional market places located in Deira sell indigenous perfumes, gold, spices and fish.

· Dubai gold souk is the ultimate home of gold and as a result, attracts the most visitors. Prices here are relatively cheap as they are based on weight rather than craftsmanship.

· In the Spice Souk, fresh Arabic spices fill the air with aroma and fragrance. Shoppers can buy cloves, cinnamon, nuts, cardamom and dry fruits sourced from all over the Middle East.

· The Perfume Souk is packed with traditional spicy and strong perfumes known as ‘Attar’. Besides selling a wide variety of these signature perfumes, they sell western branded perfumes.

· The fish souk, during the night and early morning, is the busiest as shoppers seek to buy fresh fish as sold by the local fishermen.


No shopping spree in Dubai is complete without a visit to some of the best malls.

The Dubai Mall, which boasts the title of the largest mall in the world’, offers shoppers with a wide variety of exotic and local products including Bedouin ornaments, carpets and Arabian goods. It also houses the prestigious Enwan hotel, a range of entertainment facilities such as an ice-skating area and the world’s renowned Harmley’s toy store. Stores here include gold stores, food courts and 1200 retail shops.

Other Notable malls include the Ski Dubai Mall, IBN Battuta mall, and the mall of the Emirates among many others.

Within the airports, there are high-end outlets that offer shopping opportunities for both the departing and arriving passengers.

Normally, Dubai shops open at 8 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM till late-night. Shops usually remain closed on Fridays while malls and souks only close on Friday morning.

The annual Dubai shopping festival that lasts for one month is one of the most notable shopping events worldwide. It provides a combination of endless shopping opportunities and entertainment. It happens during the month of December all through to January and attracts a huge number of shoppers from all over the world.

Dubai boasts of cheap prices as it is a main tax-free trading zone. Shopping is a must-do activity for any tourist who visits the city. It offers a serene and appealing atmosphere for shoppers as décor is a key custom in the Arabian countries. Due to competition among the shops, bargaining is allowed hence while shopping, remember to request for discounts.

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