Locations that offer the Ultimate Shopping Experience in Dubai

Locations that offer the Ultimate Shopping Experience in DubaiOnce a centre of trade for merchants from both the Eastern and Western regions, Dubai has grown to become one of the most modern business hubs across the globe.

The city is home to the most innovative buildings in the world which include the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Burj Al Arab.

While most of the tourists that visit Dubai do so to marvel at these feats of architectural brilliance, in regards to shopping, Dubai is arguably one of the best destinations as it offers some of the best stores, malls, and boutique. The following are the top five shopping spots in Dubai.

Doubling as both a sightseeing attraction and a haven for shoppers, the Dubai Mall is one of the best places to shop while in the city.

The world’s largest mall houses up to 1200 stores which carry some of the most coveted clothing brands in the world such as Cartier, Armani, Brioni, Carolina Herrera, Valentino, Banana Republic, the Gap and much more.

While some of these brands come with a hefty price tag, most of them are offered at a bargain during special events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival. In addition to the shopping, Dubai Mall also offers several other fun activities for the family in the aquarium and underwater zoo, indoor theme parks, numerous cinemas as well as cafes and restaurants.

Another haven for the shoppers that enjoy designer goods is the WAFI mall that attracts shoppers for both its goods as well as its architecture. The building is modelled after the ancient Egyptian pyramids and carries stores that are stocked with upscale clothing and fashion products from world renowned brands.

The Taste of WAFI Festival held annually in September features pop-up stalls that sell a variety of gourmet goodies. Shoppers that enjoy good food can treat themselves at the adjacent restaurants after a long shopping spree.

For the shoppers that want to enjoy the authentic culture of the numerous nationalities as well as shopping, Dubai offers both in Deira market. Located on the northern side of the Dubai Creek, the collection of traditional markets known as souks carry goods such as spices, traditional fabrics, and textiles, perfumes, gold jewellery, traditional carpets, handbags, watches, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

While one might have to contend with the strong smell of fish from the fish souk and counterfeit goods from some of the more modern souks, the Deira market is well worth the visit.

The Mall of the Emirates is a favourite of Dubai residents as well as the tourists.

The mall houses over 700 stalls that carry both designer brands in the luxury stalls and hundreds of consumer brands in the flagship stores. The mall offers the best of both worlds for shoppers that like both exclusive high fashion goods and quality but affordable clothing.

The Mall of the Emirates also offers fun activities for less ardent shoppers in the form of skiing, dining, cinema and arcade games.
Shopping in Dubai would be incomplete without a visit to the Jumeirah Beach Road.

Unlike the other big box malls, this stretch located on the coast of the Persian Gulf contains charming miniature stalls each carrying a variety of local and international clothing brands, although most of the items that are sold are designed for women.

Shopping breaks can be enjoyed in the variety of restaurants located at The Village Mall.

Shopping has to be one of the most rewarding experiences in Dubai. Unlike most of the cities that have become synonymous with shopping, Dubai offers both the modern experience as well as exposure to the Dubai tradition and culture in the form of the souks. Tourists looking for the ultimate shopping experience should pay a visit to these top spots.

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