Five Best Budget Shopping Places in Dubai

Five Best Budget Shopping Places in DubaiThere is no doubt, Dubai is the ultimate location far shopping. From assorted street markets to eye-catching shopping malls, punters are often confused on where to spend their money.

Gold is cheap and everywhere, not to mention the amazing colourful nightlife. If you’ve never shopped here before, then you’ve not shopped completely.

Unlike most sophisticated countries of the world, Dubai caters for more than just the rich. Even with all the fantastic luxurious shopping items distributed all over the country, there are still plenty of places you can get good discounts if you’ve a limited budget.

Luckily, some of these spots are no longer hidden, as most shoppers prefer such joints as they can easily get marked down in price. If you’re looking for such places, then you are right on point. Below are five best budget shopping places in Dubai.

The Outlet Mall

Everything that has to do with fashion and lifestyle, including the latest trends lives in this shopping haven. You will come across some of the best collections of designer wares from big shots in the fashion industry, including popular household brands like Adidas and Wrangler. interestingly, most of the items in the mall are sold for only a fraction of their original price. Be, if you want a better bargain for your budget, then get down to the Outlet Mall.


If you love luxury and don’t mind getting hooked with pre-owned goods, the Garderobe is definitely the place you want to be It’s online store and beach road boutique displays some of the best budgeted pre-owned luxuries. Items are majorly shoes, bags, and clothing from popular designers like Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

Meena Bazaar

Previously known as Cosmos Lane, Meena Bazaar is one cheapest shopping haven in Bur Dubai that comprises of several goods. You can find anything from native dresses, jewellery, food, perfumes, watches and much more, across various stores. It is the ultimate location for enthusiastic shopaholics. Interesting, there are many souks in Bur Dubai where you can find glittering fabrics and jewellery at mouth watering prices.

Al Fahidi Street

Electronics in Dubai are the cheapest anywhere, as the country is tax-free. And there is no better destination for the best-budgeted electronics than the well known Al Fahidi Street.

This shopping district has the best priced electronic goods in the country.

Deira Gold Souk

Want to buy cheap gold, then visit the Dubai Gold Souk and you will be amazed at the endless bargaining options available to you. Visit as many souks as you can and make your choice for the cheapest priced items. It promises to be fun all the way.

No doubt, Dubai will always remain a paradise for shoppers, however, some places ease the weight on your pocket than others. Although, there are other cheap places to shop in the country, the ones listed above are worth being mad about.

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